Moscow Underground

mysterious moscow underground | Moscow seven sisters| Stalin's skyscraper

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy the grandeur and beauty of Moscow Underground
  • Learn some legends and myths concerning the Soviet Union
  • Try a fresh Russian pie
  • Ask your guide questions about Soviet lifestyle
  • Discover famous Stalin’s Seven Skyscrapers

Explore the Moscow Metro

Wanna know what are the top tourist attractions in Moscow? Bingo! Moscow Metro is definitely one of them. We’ll guide you through the labyrinths of Soviet history and show the charming beauty of 10 Moscow metro stations. We’ll also learn why Moscow underground was called ‘The Palace For Common People’ and ‘the cheapest museum ever’. You’ll feel the power of Soviet propaganda and listen to crazy but true stories about the USSR told by a local. Above the ground we’ll see gigantic Stalin’s skyscrapers (three of the ‘Stalin’s Seven Sisters’) and try to guess what was going on behind those walls. You’ve always wondered if there were any good things done by the Soviet Union or what Russians think about Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin as political leaders — welcome to our Moscow Underground Tour. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions!

Language: English

Inclusions: Local English-speaking guide, tickets for the metro, a pie and tea.

Exclusions:  Additional food and beverages, souvenirs, tips for the guide.

Schedule details

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  • The old stations of Moscow Metro are true symbols of our Soviet past. You don’t need to read dull history books — just buy a metro ticket and have a dive into the USSR times with our professional local guide. You’ll be shocked by the beauty and splendor of the stations and the amount of money spent by the Soviet government to this ‘project of the century’ which was part of official propaganda. Keep counting the portraits of Lenin during the tour and don’t forget to ask your guide why there are no Stalin images at all. Attention! The beauty is at every corner, so have your cameras ready! Your local guide will share personal stories of his/her family from USSR times, giving you insight into Russia’s complicated past and present. Finally we’ll come back up to street level to refuel ourselves with traditional Russian fast food: a pie and tea!

    Additional information

    How to get dressed: Comfortable shoes for walking.

    Group size: you’ll feel friendly atmosphere due to the small number of people on the route (12 is a maximum)

    Reservation: Everything is in your ticket. If you have some special needs or questions, please find our contact details below.

    Kids: For kids from 0 to 6 years old this tour is free. Kids from 6 to 11 have special prices for the tour. While making a reservation, please press ‘child’ for the right payment. If you have a kid up to 6 years with you, please tell us in advance.

    Local contact

    Office phone number: +7 495 414 2994
    Email address: [email protected]

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  • Mr. Edward H. from Australia travelled on 16 Aug 2017:

    Include tickets for the subway journeys as part of the tour price; starting a tour by having to fork out more money is jarring

    Ms. Jesse B. from Canada travelled on 25 Jul 2017:

    Lena was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and warm. I really appreciated her willingness to share her insights and experience.

    Ms. Kerryn D. from Australia travelled on 09 Jul 2017:

    Elena was a terrific guide for the day and being the only person on the tour I had exceptional service (thank you Elena). The tour was interesting and I enjoyed learning about the undergorund and surrounds. It was a worthwhile trip.

    Ms. Charmaine S. from Australia travelled on 18 Jun 2017:

    Ilya was a fantastic guide, he was approachable & very knowledgeable.
    Metro tour is one of the best I’ve done. The metro is amazing and my excitement grew with each new station we visited.
    Thanks Ilya for a wonderful Moscow adventure!

    Mr. robert A. from Australia travelled on 18 May 2017:

    Alexandra was a pleasure to spend our time with . Her knowledge and enthusiasm made for a great day

    Mr. Dmitry C. from Russia travelled on 17 Oct 2016:

    Visiting metro is one of the must do things in Moscow. You’ll see the most beautiful stations and notice details you will not find yourself while taking the subway alone. I really appreciate the work of the guide and whole organization of the trip.

    Ms. Lisa B. from United Kingdom travelled on 10 Oct 2016:

    We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The Moscow Underground is a must see when visiting this city. It helped that we had a great guide – she was very knowledgeable, open and spoke wonderful english. At the end of the tour we had the added bonus of being taken to a local restaurant for lunch (delicious). We would strongly recommend this tour.

    Ms. Ilse V. from Belgium travelled on 15 Aug 2016:

    Perfect tour because we had a perfect good guide Reilya!!!

    Mr. Rod H. from Australia travelled on 29 Jun 2016:

    Polina was very informative and fun …even kept 2 teenage children interested for 3 hours!

    Mrs. Francis G. from United Kingdom travelled on 07 Apr 2016:

    This was an excellent tour which we thoroughly enjoyed