Where to try Russian banya in Moscow?

What is “banya”? Russiann banyasource: Winter is the best season to visit a traditional Russian banya.  The wet heat of it will battle the big winter freeze. Are you going to visit a bathhouse in…

Best Ice Skating Rinks in Moscow

Ice skating Moscow First winter lights are already hoisted on the trees, and New Year sales are soon to come. Although we enjoy choosing Christmas presents for significant other, there is another big expectation from winter….

What does Russia celebrate on November, 4th?

Red square On November the 4th Russians will celebrate a National Unity holiday. One hidden truth about it is that at least half of people (this number is provided by Public Opinion Foundation) don’t know what…

Khabib Nurmagomedov – Russia’s Most Followed Instagram Star

Russia is in many ways an unusual country. You will understand this the first time you visit here. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the most popular Russian blogger on Instagram is not a movie star or a singer, but … a UFC fighter from Dagestan. Moscow Urban Adventures is happy to introduce him!