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Russian Orthodox Churches: Dress Code & Major Cathedrals of the Capital

Orthodox Church

Churches in Moscow Once you’re in Moscow you’ll be amazed by the number of beautiful golden, black and blue-domed buildings all around the city, especially in the city center wherever you turn around. These are Russian Orthodox churches. Russians by the majority of the population are Christians, although all confessions are well presented here, but…

How Russians Celebrate Maslenitsa: Profound Guide

Maslenitsa in Russia

We’ll tell you how to celebrate Maslenitsa as Russians do! Curious facts about Maslenitsa: You may call it ‘Russian Mardi Gras’ or even ‘Beltane’. And there are many other analogs: ‘Fastelovend’ in Cologne, ‘Fassenacht’ in Mainz, Carnival in Rhineland and other similar celebrations in the Czech Republic, Denmark and England. Back to history According to…