Russian holidays

Moscow Christmas Markets 2020

Moscow is a real gem if you look for a destination where to spend your Christmas holidays. Last year even a British newspaper The Telegraph included Moscow in top-10 cities with the greatest Christmas markets. The Russian…

Best Ice Skating Rinks in Moscow

Ice skating Moscow First winter lights are already hoisted on the trees, and New Year sales are soon to come. Although we enjoy choosing Christmas presents for significant other, there is another big expectation from winter….

What does Russia celebrate on November, 4th?

Red square On November the 4th Russians will celebrate a National Unity holiday. One hidden truth about it is that at least half of people (this number is provided by Public Opinion Foundation) don’t know what…

10 Alternative Souvenirs From Russia

Ushanka hat

What to do if you can buy a “Matryoshka” and a samovar in the souvenir shops worldwide, and you really want to bring an outstanding souvenir from Russia? Of course, you can find some alternatives! National Russian hats are recognizable around the world. Almost every tourist in Moscow considers it his duty to buy “Ushanka”…

All You Wanted to Know About Victory Day in Russia

Victory Day in Russia

Why May 9 Is Such an Important Date in Russia May 9 ­– Victory Day in the war with Nazi Germany is one of the most glorious holidays in Russia. Why is this military holiday so important? In the Berlin operation of 1945, which became the final in the Great Patriotic War, more than 2.5…

A Guide to Moscow’s May Festivals 2020

Fireworks in Moscow

We’ll tell you how to make the best of your May holidays in Russia 2020 The calendar of holidays in Russia is quite intense. On the one hand, it is connected with the great history of the country, on the other hand, Russians just love holidays! Russia’s holiday calendar is a great reflection of its…

Most famous Russian women


Historical Background On this day there were mass demonstrations of women in Petrograd, who demanded the right to vote (look at the banner in the picture) and protested against famine and World War I. Four days later Tsar Nicholas II signed an order that allowed women to vote but it didn’t help to stop revolutionary…