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What does Russia celebrate on November, 4th?

Red square On November the 4th Russians will celebrate a National Unity holiday. One hidden truth about it is that at least half of people (this number is provided by Public Opinion Foundation) don’t know what…

A Glimpse Into Russian Literature: Best Russian Writers


It would be difficult to find a person who loves literature and has never heard of Russian writers, such as Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Indeed, when I think of what we should be proud of as a nation, the first thing that comes into my mind is literature. It goes the way beyond Tolstoy,…

VDNKh Park And Its Secrets


There is a special place named VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) that you could find in Moscow, it’s a huge exhibition park territory. Depending on how you feel at the moment, you could find a spot here that would relate especially to you.  There are so many things to do here. You could…

Top 10 Myths About Russia

Russian cosmonaut

“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside enigma” Winston Churchill The job of tour guide means not only to talk about the history and show famous attractions. The goal of a tour guide is also to show real Russian culture, traditions and to break stereotypes. Of course, I’m ready for some funny questions…

Tea-Drinking Traditions in Russia

Tea in Russia

History of Tea in Russia Tea consumption in Russia began in the first half of the 17th century. There are some documents that Russian tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov received several boxes of tea as a gift from Chinese ambassadors in 1618. Like in France, tea became popular in Russia first of all as a healing…

Russian Broadway – Tverskaya Street

Russian subcultures

Legendary Broadway street full of attractions, theaters, office buildings, is the oldest, the longest and probably the most known one in NYC. Broadway is also a symbol of American art thanks to its Theater District, the abundance of exhibition halls, cabarets and other entertainments. Would it be surprising to know that Moscow has its own…

Russian Fashion: 19th Century Fashion to Modern Clothing Style

Russian Fashion

Russia is a country with a long history and traditional clothing reflects it in many ways. Up to the reforms of Peter the Great in the mid-18th century a traditional Russian costume was very recognizable. It is difficult to say when the history of traditional clothing began in Russia. But we know well what Rurikoviches…

All You Wanted to Know About Victory Day in Russia

Victory Day in Russia

Why May 9 Is Such an Important Date in Russia May 9 ­– Victory Day in the war with Nazi Germany is one of the most glorious holidays in Russia. Why is this military holiday so important? In the Berlin operation of 1945, which became the final in the Great Patriotic War, more than 2.5…

10 Secrets of the Kremlin: Some Facts that Surprise You

Red Square

More than 10 years ago on a spring evening, I got the news from my parents that we would move to the Russian capital — Moscow. I would imagine my first day to school strolling through the Kremlin wall, indeed the excitement was just priceless! Of course, my imagination was slightly better than reality, since…

Top 6 Museums in Moscow Where You Won’t Be Bored


When it comes to museums, Moscow undoubtedly has a lot to offer: there are over 400 private and state museums in the Russian capital, and the oldest ones date back to the middle of the 19th century. Many of them boast amazing and unique collections of art, jewellery, documents or photographs and outstanding historical artefacts….