Russian Orthodox Churches: Dress Code & Major Cathedrals of the Capital

Orthodox Church

Churches in Moscow Once you’re in Moscow you’ll be amazed by the number of beautiful golden, black and blue-domed buildings all around the city, especially in the city center wherever you turn around. These are Russian Orthodox churches. Russians by the majority of the population are Christians, although all confessions are well presented here, but…

Yuri Gagarin & Cosmonautics Day


Yuri Gagarin the First Man in Space On April 12th of 1961, one man has broken the barriers between our reality and the fantasy world. Aboard the spacecraft “Vostok 1”, he said: “Poehali” (Let’s go) and was launched into the unknown, the mysterious world of outer space. He knew the risks and that this could’ve…

Where to find Leo Tolstoy


“As long as there is life, there is still happiness” Leo Tolstoy Two weeks ago, a group of Taiwan tourists tried our newly organized tour to Tula and Yasnaya Polyana for the first time. Let’s travel together with our tourists to this wonderful place and discover some interesting facts about Russia, Russian literature and Leo…