Classical music in Moscow

Hello to classical music lovers from all over the world! Are you planning to visit Moscow and listen to Russian classical music, admire masterpieces by Russian composers and feel the atmosphere of world-famous Russian music halls? Then I hope you will find this article helpful. I am a musician and I want to share with…

All you need to know about Orthodox Lent and Easter

Pancake Week has come to an end. We gained some weight eating delicious pancakes with caviar and jamming them with sour cream. We burned the straw figure of Maslenitsa on fire and hope that this pagan ritual will bring us good luck for the rest of the year. russian lent

How to Spend 3 Days in Moscow

After collecting tones of documents, filling endless visa applications and other electronic forms, going through numerous interviews and passing the most frightening border officer in your life, you are finally here, in Russia. red square Check-in on…