Vodka: Theory and Practice

It’s time to talk about the most stereotypical Russian drink. About Vodka, of course! Most likely you have already heard something about this strong beverage: 40% alcohol by volume, characteristic taste and smell and crystal clear as water. To the point, the name vodka is a…

Women’s Day in Russia: Traditions and Celebration Tips

Women’s demonstration in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) on March 8 (February 23 – ‘old style’), the sign states ‘Women voting rights’, 1917. Historical Background On this day there were mass demonstrations of women in Petrograd, who demanded the right to vote (look at the banner in the…

How Russians Celebrate Maslenitsa: Profound Guide

We’ll tell you how to celebrate Maslenitsa like Russians do Curious facts about Maslenitsa: You may call it ‘Russian Mardi Gras’ or even ‘Beltane’. And there are many other analogues: ‘Fastelovend’ in Cologne, ‘Fassenacht’ in Mainz, Carnival in Rhineland and other similar celebrations in the Czech Republic, Denmark and England.  Back to history Read More »