About Us

Moscow is our home, and we love where we live. We want to share our passion with those coming to see the country that is ‘a mystery wrapped in enigma.’ Every corner of this outstanding city is full of history and tales of the past, so just ask; we are always happy to answer any of your questions. We love when people show interest in our home and wish to uncover one of the most enigmatic places on earth — Moscow. They say that travellers generally have one of two reactions to Moscow — you either hate it or love it. We hope you feel the latter.

Our team consists of guides from different generations, ranging from 25 years old to some staff members who have recently celebrated 50th birthdays; this adds a diverse approach to our work. We have a range of perspectives to contribute to the creation of our tours in Moscow. This gives added dimension to our stories and the service we provide. To name a few, we have Sveta, Olya, Slava, and Sergey ready to welcome you on a Moscow tour!

We look forward to seeing you in Moscow! Don’t forget to bring a positive outlook and a sense of humor with you when joining our Moscow tours.